Hello World! :) In this blog i'll talk about me and my English's homeworks. I hope you enjoy it. Press play and continues :)

My name is Jose Luis Mejias, but you can call me Jota :). I'm from Barquisimeto but I live in Maracaibo. I'm 17 years old and I'm studying Electronic Engineering at URBE.

I study Electronic Engineering because I love technology. You can see it in the blog's theme ;)

I love to read, play videogames, and everything about technology.
In my free time I like to surf in the internet searching news or reading articles about web desing while listening to music.
I like rock, especially punk and metal. I'm learning to play the bass.
Since one week ago I'm learning German.
I like Manga and Anime. My favorite manga is Uzumaki (that means spiral in Japanese) and my favorite Anime is Death Note, I recommend both of then :)

I lived in Spain for 9 years, and in the future when I'll graduate, I wanna go back, this is my target! :)

I hate hypocrisy and superficiality.

And... Why is English important to me? Because it is essencial in my future profession and to be able to meet people and other cultures. I use English everyday on the internet, games, music, chatting, etc...My weak point are technical words.

Well I don't know what more to say you...

Don't forget, comment is to thank.

"Everything is relative"

Ah! If you are interested below I let you the trailer of Death Note :)

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